Meadow Mix with Silver Wire and St. Michel Medallion
Meadow Mix, Silver Wire - St. Michel Medallion

French Kande

Meadow Mix with Silver Wire and St. Michel MedallionSilver + Brass + Stone Mix: Matte Aventurine, Matte Sesame Jasper, Gray Labradorite, Moonstone

This necklace features 40" of the hand-curated Meadow Mix with silver wire, the exclusive FK Spiked bezel and St. Michel medallion. Absolutely beautiful all by itself or layered with the other designs. Created as a keepsake from Mont. St. Michel in Normandy, this medallion features St. Michael, the leader of all angels in the army of God. Responsible for escorting the faithful to heaven at their hour of death, he is invoked for protection. He is also the patron of soldiers, police and doctors.

Necklace Measures: 40", 8mm beads
Pendant Measures: 1.5"
Sterling Silver and Brass Plated
Handmade in Los Angeles, CA


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