Silver Turquoise Hamsa Charm Necklace - Lending Hand
silver turquoise hamsa charm necklace - lending hand by satya jewelry

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Silver Turquoise Hamsa Charm Necklace - Lending Hand

Meaning: Lotus - new beginnings, infinite potential | Hamsa - protection, blessings | Turquoise - health, intuition, self-expression

This triple charm necklace is a powerful amulet. Featuring a deep blue-green turquoise raindrop, a stunning oval pendant engraved with a Hamsa, and a raised lotus disc pendant, it is full of symbolism and meaning. Turquoise, the stone of healing, and the Hamsa which protects against negative energies, meet the lotus as a symbol of renewal and transformation.

Measures: 18" long
Hamsa pendant measures: 1" long
Lotus pendant measures: .375"
Sterling silver


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