I'm Going To Watch You Shine Photobox
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I'm Going To Watch You Shine Photobox

Quote: "I'm going to watch you shine. I'm going to watch you grow. And I'm going to paint a sign so you'll always know...as long as one and one is two there could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you." - Paul Simon

Each photobox contains a space in the middle for a personalized photograph. Handmade and hand painted, every photo box will have its own unique character. Distinctive grains, dings, and imperfections are to be expected and are intentional.

Measures: 20" x 20" x 1.75"
Opening: 4.5" x 4.5"
Handpainted wood
Handmade in USA


Availability: Made to order for shipment in 6 - 8 weeks.

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