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Summer Wanderlust Giveaway

Wherever you're going this summer, we want you to remember your special travels. In honor of summer and all its opportunity, we will be giving away 3 travel-inspired items to randomly selected social media followers!

Here's How You Can Win:

  1. Follow @thegivingtreegallery on Instagram and/or Facebook.
  2. Comment or Tag your favorite travel companion on any of our Social Media Posts now through August 30th, 2018. One comment/friend tag per post results in an entry for you to win.

Followers will be randomly selected June 30th, July 30th, August 30th and privately messaged the following day.

The Gifts


Petite Cloister Santa Monica Necklace

Symbols of peace and protection for a traveler, such as the San Benito medallion, can be worn as a talisman as one explores unknown places.

VSA Designs


Coralline Bracelet

This stylish summer bracelet is a perfect accessory for any outfit while traveling.

Uno de 50


Sea Mate Spiritile #222

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with." - Charles M. Schul

Honor the moments and memories made alongside your favorite travel companion with this Houston Llew Spiritile.

Houston Llew