Karma & Luck

The Tree of Life is an omnipresent symbol throughout spirituality and science, crossing cultures, and dating back to ancient times. It represents the ongoing cycle of life, death and rebirth, of our rooted connection to Mother Earth, and of our energetic connection to one another. Grasping the power of the Tree of Life can help us reach a deeper sense of self understanding.

These trees help you to fully manifest your life’s desires. Choose the tree that calls out to you, the tree whose precious stones match most closely with your aspirations, and bring its unique energy into your home. Using the Feng Shui Energy Map as your guide, you can see how different types of energy move and flow through space, and strategically place your tree in an area that needs its energy most. Place your Tree of Life with the intention of revitalizing the energy and increasing the flow of abundance into your life. Bringing these spiritual treasures into your home or office can truly transform the time you spend there.

Karma and Luck was founded in 2015 by Vladi Bergman, to connect cultures through fair trade and beautiful, handmade products featuring symbols of peace and kindness.