Brand founder and designer, Philippe Charriol, released his first collection of jewelry, The Celtic Collection, in 1983. It was hugely inspired from his extensive knowledge of art and history (particularly Celtic culture).Charriol was the first to manipulate gold and steel cable as a decorative embellishment into pieces such as his bracelet/bangle and watch designs. Because this unique style has become such a well-known element of Charriol designs, the concept was patented by the company and exclusive rights are still held today worldwide. 

Since the company's first release in 1983, Charriol has maintained being a family run business. Over time, Charriol has become an international luxury brand, carving out a niche for itself in creating high-end Swiss timepieces, jewelry, and accessories. Still based in Geneva, Switzerland, Charriol is a brand that has uniquely defined itself as a leader in the fashion industry and a revolutionary in design--bringing traditionally industrial materials, like cable, together with polished metals and smooth lines. The more feminine pieces include crystals and other precious stones to develop a line that is both specific to their brand but that also becomes fresher and better developed with each new collection.