Erica Molinari

Erica Molinari designs and perfects her craft in NYC. Her jewelry designs reflect a passion for creating meaningful works of art that pay homage to the past while embracing the present. Drawing inspiration from powerful ancient symbols, Erica communicates a universal language through her designs and words that she inscribes on every charm. Every piece is beautifully executed and inspiring.

Using 18KT gold, solid sterling silver, and precious stones, Molinari crafts her pieces with meticulous attention to detail. Erica spent 18 years as a member of the National Luge Team and competed in the '88 and '92 Winter Olympics. Her strength and determination is ever present in her work.

With a superb eye for design and creative skill, the Erica Molinari silver, the cross charm, and the Molinari cross have all become well-known designer pieces and must-have accessories for those that strive to extend their jewelry collection beyond the norm. The inspirational quotes are an empowering emblem that represents inner courage and protection, making pieces like the cross charm a symbol that is worn like a shield from emotional harm.


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