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Customer Service Team

Name: Kelsi Falconer

Position: Web Administrator, Office Manager

Hometown: Boston, MA

Three words that describe Kelsi: Tenacious, Poised, Courteous

Favorite Giving Tree Artist: Tomasz Plodowski

Favorite Movie: Rocky IV

Hobbies: Playing magic: the gathering, weight lifting, cooking & snuggling kitties

Name: Jennifer Luong

Position: Social Media Coordinator, Online Sales Associate

Hometown: Bradenton, FL

Three words that best describe Jenn: Adventurous, Creative, Compassionate

Favorite Giving Tree Artist: Adel Chefridi

Favorite Movie: Grand Budapest Hotel

Hobbies: Photography, yoga, finding new places to eat

Name: Trish Vincent-Myrick

Position: Online Sales Associate

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Three words that best describe Trish: Inquisitive, Humble and Humorous

Favorite Giving Tree Artist: Freida Rothman

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings or James Bond

Hobbies: When she isn't spending time with her family, she is cooking, tending to her succulent plant collection or watching her favorite movies.

Name: Deb Goldberg

Position: Operations

Hometown: Roselle, IL

Three words that best describe Deb: Passionate, Determined, Growth-Minded

Favorite Giving Tree Artist: All of them!

Personal Hobby: Spending time with her husband and children, running.

Favorite Movies: Amadeus, Good Will Hunting, Sound of Music, West Side Story

Deb is the daughter of owner's Terry and Debi. She is proud to continue her parent's mission of showcasing unique, high end quality of works of art, while meeting the demands of today's consumer. Her daily goal is to ensure that their customers are delighting in their curated collection in stores and online while experiencing the best customer service possible.

Our excellent customer service is here to help you in store and online.