Cynthia Desser

Cynthia Desser creates chic cuff bracelet jewelry that can be seen from the haute couture runways in Paris to upscale retailers around the globe. Inspired by textures, textiles, and unusual stones, Cynthia builds pieces around her unique materials. Desser loves to work with brass and brass mesh, oxidizing it into different finishes, as well as exotic skins—such as in her stingray cuffs and snakeskin cuffs. 

Interesting and rough-cut stones are a hallmark of many of her accessories. With a focus on combining skins and metal, contrasting textures and unusual finishes, Cynthia Desser forces the unexpected to come together, creating harmonious combinations sought by celebrities, style-makers and collectors in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

For those in which the statement necklace isn’t quite their thing, we present to you the hippest, yet classiest statement cuff bracelets on the market. From stingray and snakeskin cuffs and everything in between—the bracelet cuff is the new statement necklace. Cynthia Desser is trendy, modern, and absolutely necessary; if she isn't already a part of your jewelry collection, she absolutely should be.

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