Kinetic Sculptures

Kinetic Sculpture is an art form that relies on movement and motion for its effect on the viewer. A commonly used term when describing kinetic art is "apparent movement" which generally refers to any artwork that gains movement using motors, machines, or electrically powered systems. Our Kinetic Wall Sculptures are constructed of solid wood and powered solely by springs. They move continuously for a timespan of four to six hours after being wound up. These uniquely crafted, wall mounted sculptures create hypnotically beautiful designs and patterns as they shift and dance. A Kinetic Wall Sculpture is a unique and beautifully designed work of art that will always be a lofty conversation piece and focal point in your home. 

More About Kinetic Art: It wasn't until the first half of the 20th century that kinetic sculpture began to be experimented with by artists like Alexander Calder (who developed the concept of mobiles) and Dada artist and swiss painter, Jean Tinguely. Contemporary examples of this unique art medium are sculptural pieces that involve moving parts that put the sculptures in motion, and a subset, like Kinetic Wall Sculptures, that create an optical illusion of perceived movement in tandem with the kinetic movement. Regardless of the effect used to create movement in kinetic wall art, there is a significant amount of mathematics required for these pieces to work properly and constantly challenge our perceptions.