Christina Kober

Christina Korber Designs are a perfect balance of understated elegance and playful whimsy. Christina’s jewelry can be worn daily or as the perfect accent for big moments in your life. Each piece of jewelry Christina designs begins as a reflection of her personal stories and moments. When you wear of one of her pieces, your personal stories and emotions over time will connect you to the piece in a similar way--making it unique to you. 

Christina Kober Designs began as a hobby, essentially to help Christina learn about her father's business. Her father owns JFF Jeweler Supply, a jeweler supply store in Atlanta, Georgia. When Christina began working for him at age 14, it was just a summer and holiday job to fill her closet with clothes--little did she know it would turn into her passion.

Each well-designed, quality piece of jewelry from Christina Korber’s studio is made from start to finish by Christina and her team of 6 talented women in Nashville, TN.