French Kande

The idea of French Kande Jewelry was first realized in 2009 when the founder and designer, Kande Hall, was wandering the backstreets of Paris and stumbled upon a handful of unique and stylish medallions. Kande paired one of these medallions with a string of pearls and sparked the inspiration for the first line of jewelry in the French Kande collection. 

In addition to infusing historical emblems, religious icons, and notable mythology through the use of the medallions into her handmade pieces, French Kande also prides itself on being an ethical and socially responsible brand who utilizes their resources and recycles and reuses materials when possible.

From multi-strand, tasseled necklaces of Swarovski crystals and moonstones, to statement piece bracelets, earrings, and rings of mixed metals, French Kande is not just about producing high-end designer jewelry for sale—it's about making women feel beautiful, worthy, and feminine while wearing it.

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