Black Jasper and Pyrite with Indochine Medallion
Black Jasper - Pyrite, Indochine Medallion

French Kande

Black Jasper and Pyrite with Indochine MedallionBrass + Black

This necklace features 17" of sandblasted black jasper and faceted pyrite, the exclusive FK spiked bezel, and the Indochine medallion. Absolutely beautiful all by itself or layered with the other designs. A medal awarded to French soldiers who participated in the Indochina Campaign: the struggle against the Japanese occupiers of the Southeastern Asia peninsula during World War II. The crown on the medal indicates it is Royal in nature.

Necklace Measures: 17", 10mm and 4mm beads
Pendant Measures: 1.5"
Handmade in Los Angeles, CA


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