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Nov 8th 2023

12 Days of Giving 2023

Our 9th annual 12 Days of Giving is just a few weeks away! This very special giveaway is one of our favorite times of the year, and we know you all appreciate it too. This year's prizes are better tha

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Oct 19th 2023

Zodiac Necklaces: What They Mean & Why You Should Wear Them

Zodiac jewelry is a trendy and personalized group of accessories that have gained popularity in the fashion world. It combines the symbolism of astrology with the beauty of jewelry design to create un

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Jun 29th 2023

Kinzig Design Lamps - The Story Behind

Susan Kinzig had already established herself as a renowned and esteemed jewelry designer on a national level when her sister-in-law, Caryn Kinzig, made a significant career shift from the world of

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May 11th 2023

The Story of Tardis - Spiritile #13

Did you know that TARDIS - Spiritile #13 is enshrouded in mystery? One day, back in 2013, it mysteriously appeared on Houston’s website! He had no recollection of designing nor creating it! Wa

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Mar 19th 2023

Patricia Locke Jewelry is Retiring

After 44 years of creating captivating and beautiful jewelry pieces, Patricia Locke and Deborah Rethemeyer announce their retirement.  How It StartedPatricia Locke began designing jewelry at

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