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Apr 28th 2022

What is demi-fine jewelry? Plus: why, where & who needs it.

DEMI-FINE JEWELRY Demi-fine jewelry is solidifying its place as a core component of the jewelry market. Differentiating itself from fine jewelry pieces, demi-fine jewelry intends to tak

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Aug 18th 2021

Create a Living Room Focal Point With Kinzig Design Lamps

Is your living room design lacking that unique, personal touch? Bringing artwork into your home is an easy way to add value and interest while creating an environment that truly speaks to you. Whil

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Aug 10th 2021

Don’t Buy Just Any Lamp — Buy Kinzig Lamps

Do you want to upgrade the lighting in your home or provide a friend with a unique gift? Kinzig lamps are not like other lamps. They are handcrafted painstakingly in the U.S. by two highly skilled

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Jul 14th 2021

Why You Need a QLOCKTWO Clock

Who says telling time has to be boring? You can make it the highlight of your day with a unique and easy-to-read  QLOCKTWO clock. In addition to adding a sense of novelty to your home or off

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Jun 30th 2021

9 Facts About QLOCKTWO

QLOCKTWO is an award-winning designer of high-quality timepieces that seamlessly blend function and art. The company was founded in Schwäbisch Gmünd on the simple idea of displaying time in words.

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