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Nov 20th 2020

Houston Llew Holiday Spiritile - The Complete Guide

The joy of the holiday season is truly palpable each year. We revel in the warmth and glow and mirth that accompanies the onset of that most wonderful time of the year! We also look forward each year

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Nov 5th 2020

12 Days of Giving 2020

After perhaps the longest year of our collective lives, we have made it to a well-earned reward; our 6th Annual 12 Days of Giving! This year has certainly been a unique one for most, if not

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Oct 11th 2020

Kinetic Sculpture FAQ's

Kinetic sculpture is a unique subset of sculpture and artwork hailing from the later 20th Century. What sets it apart from its static counterparts is the literal movement created by various different

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Sep 28th 2020

Jewelry That Empowers

Let’s talk about jewelry that empowers, jewelry that resonates, jewelry that makes a difference.There are several reasons that we choose to wear jewelry. Some pieces we wear in order to make us feel m

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Sep 14th 2020

Houston Llew Retired Spiritiles Explained

Once discovery of Spiritiles is made, it is a compelling world to emerse oneself in. Throught with positivity, endearing sentiments, and humanity at its finest, you be enchanted purusing all of the

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