Small Wind or Small Wild Ride
Small Wind or Small Wild Ride by A Little Company (Buonaiuto Pottery) Sculpture Figure

A Little Company - Buonaiuto Pottery

Small Wind / Small Wild RideAlternative Energy Series

The newest addition to the series, this woman is a smaller version of the much beloved "Wind/Wild Ride." She displays such irresistible euphoric joy that it is contagious. She captivates all who have the pleasure of laying their eyes on her. Artist Shelley states, "I started with a much requested "Laughing Nude", but decided to dress her, and seeing she was so exuberant that she needed to be lifted to correspond with her spirits, I put her on a flying carpet. She was an older woman enjoying the ride, but she was also the wind."

Resin Sculpture
Limited Edition, signed and numbered
Measures: 8" x 7" x 7"
Handmade in USA


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