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Pure art is living and breathing everywhere you turn in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our selected collection representing New Orleans offers the splendors of soulful music at all hours of the day and the timelessness of the French Quarter.

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fleur cross silver necklace - valor, strength - erica molinari jewelry Fleur Cross - Valor + Strength - Silver

Quote: "Strength/Honor/Valor" (virtus - Latin)

Big Easy, #1, Houston Llew Spiritile, Everything in New Orleans is a Good Idea Big Easy - TGTG Spiritile #1

"Everything in New Orleans is a good idea." - Bob Dylan

Houston Llew Temptation Spiritile #197 - Sam Levenson Temptation - Spiritile #197

"Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is, we'll find it." - Sam Levenson

new orleans wood map - 3d nautical topographic chart New Orleans

Nautical Wood Maps

Illumine, #143, Houston Llew Spiritile, Inner Light - Goethe Illumine - Spiritle #143 - RETIRED

"Inner light will shine forth from us, and we will need no other light." -Goethe

Good Times, #116, Houston Llew Spiritile, Let Good Times Roll - Cajun Blessing Good Times - Spiritile #116 - RETIRED

"Laissez les bons temps rouler. Let the good times roll." - Cajun Blessing

In Tune, #30, Houston Llew Spiritile, Let the Music Play - Johnny Cash In Tune - Spiritile #30

"Life and love go on, let the music play." - Johnny Cash

Tickled Ivory, #3, Houston Llew Spiritile, Life is like a Piano - Tom Lehrer Tickled Ivory - Spiritile #3

"Life is like a piano. What you get depends on how you play it." - Tom Lehrer

new orleans - nautical wood serving tray New Orleans Serving Tray

Nautical Wood Maps

Gabriella (Purple), Kinzig Design Table Lamp, 76-k-79-purples Gabriella (Purple)

Kinzig Design

Iris Table, Purple & Gold by Cricket Forge Outdoor Metal Furniture Iris Table
Purple & Gold

Cricket Forge

alex sepkus mardi gras candy dome ring - 18kt gold, gemstones Mardi Gras Candy Dome Ring

Alex Sepkus

Dynamic Purple Earrings by Coeur de Lion Dynamic Purple Earrings

Coeur De Lion