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bob mcnally strumstick

Bob McNally Strumstick

The Strumstick is ideal for anybody who wants to learn to play music, even if they think they can't. Beginners make great sounds right from the beginning, because the Strumstick is so easy to play. The Strumstick was designed by artist and musician Bob McNally. The Strumstick uses a diatonic scale fretting (the notes of a major scale). We call that "No Wrong Notes", because they all sound good together. The strings are tuned in a drone relationship (octaves and fifth). The mountain dulcimer, bagpipes, and Indian sitar are other instruments from around the world that use a drone tuning. The combination of diatonic scale and drone tuning make the Strumstick immediately fun, and very easy to play, even for beginners. You can just strum all the strings while fretting one of them and music happens all by itself! With No Wrong Notes, whatever you play sounds good, whether you are just messing around or playing songs, or even chords and complex melodies.

Giving Tree's Gallery's Terry Marino plays the Strumstick.