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Vegan Leather Bags & Purses • Free Shipping in Continental US

ESPE is a beautifully colorful, stylishly playful, and completely sustainable brand whose bags and wallets are specifically designed for a single season, and with limited availability, it makes every product unique!

ESPE is an all vegan, animal-friendly company that prides itself on making products from synthetic leather called poly-urethane that's more environmentally-friendly and resilient than PVC or vinyl. Every item that ESPE sells is durable and made only of the highest quality products while never using animal-based materials. Their handbags and wallets remain flexible even in low temperatures, while maintaining their policy against using real leather, which is toxic and harmful to the environment when being processed.

ESPE is more than a fun and fashion-forward company that makes durable products to carry around all your essentials in; it's a brand that aims to create a lifestyle of positivity, creativity, and sustainability. ESPE is a functional and stylish way for those who require on-the-go versatility and spur-of-the-moment fun.

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