Adel Chefridi

Adel Chefridi designs have a distinctive look - much of which is wholly attributed to his uniquely stylistic approach to smoothed down metals and the sleekness of the inset stone. A modern twist on a Victorian-like look, it is elegantly understated for the classically chic. 

Adel Chefridi began his jewelry making journey in New York City after studying Gemology, goldsmithing, and diamond setting. Growing up in the Mediterranean city of Tunis, his influences are rooted in the jewelry makers (or fire wielding magicians, as he refers to them) that he met as a child. He describes his childhood influences as "what ultimately defines his sense of beauty and aesthetic choices."  

It is important to Adel Chefridi to reduce his fingerprint in the mining of metals and gems and is why his studio uses recycled and fair-mined metals. Whenever possible, natural stones are used in the making of his jewelry and he encourages customers who request custom pieces to recycle their old diamonds and metals.