Fairchild Baldwin

Fairchild Baldwin seeks to inspire passion—for beauty, for design, for the delight of discovering the unexpected. Jewelry made from the finest Italian materials and designed with the utmost modern sensibility, Fairchild Baldwin's necklaces are classics and innately chic. Each style encapsulates the essence of the Fairchild Baldwin collection: approachable luxury. 

Jill Fairchild, founder and creator of the award winning jewelry brand, Fairchild Baldwin, grew up in the fashion industry. Surrounded by fashion from early on granted her an intimate look into the intricacies of the global fashion world. She is regarded as an expert in design and merchandising. Drawing inspiration from her New York surroundings, Jill seeks to cultivate the collection to take a woman from day to evening, from classic chic to boho, from minimal to contemporary cool.

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