Lorina Balteanu

Lorina Balteanu is a free and imaginative spirit. She studied at the Gorky institute in Moscow. Her passions include poetry, journalism, and social development of her mother-country, Moldavia.

In 2006, Lorina discovers and reinvents the technique of tatting (shuttle lace). Tatting is the interlacing of rings and chains forming knots resulting in a delicate lace pattern. To enhance the technique, she gives the lace a new sense of luxury by incorporating glass pearls and semi precious stones into the lace transforming it into a piece of jewelry. Each piece is entirely hand-crafted by lace makers from her workshop.

In spring of 2016, Lorina opened two boutiques in her own name in Paris : rue Dauphine, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, and rue du Pont Louis Philippe, by the Seine.