Kinzig Lamps Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just the shade?
No, unfortunately. The shade and base are sold together as a complete work of art.

I see a shade I like, but prefer the base of a different lamp. Can I switch them out?
Maybe! We look to our designers to guide us on this one. We will present your request to them and they will either say, "Eureka! what a fantastic idea!" or "Sorry, that base and shade just can't/won't work together, trust us." (And believe me, we trust them!)

What wattage will each lamp hold?
Each bulb socket will take low heat, 60 watt regular bulbs or up to 75 watt LED bulbs. As technology improves, this may change. The most important thing here is the heat that the bulb throws. It needs to emit low heat.

I want my new lamp to match my sofa. Can you provide a sample of the shade's fabric?
Yes, absolutely! We are happy to send you a swatch of the fabric of any shade in which you are interested. There is no cost to you nor obligation to buy.

How long will it take to get my lamp once I place an order?
If the lamp is listed as "In stock" beside the Availability field, it will ship out within 1 business day. Otherwise, all lamps are handmade to order and typically take 2 - 3 weeks, maybe sooner. Shop our in stock lamps.

What happens if the lamp arrives damaged?
We experience very little to no breakage with shipments. However, all shipments are insured, so please know that should a lamp arrive damaged, we will take care of it straight away. Please contact us immediately and hold on to all boxes and packing material.

My lamp arrived but I received just the shade/base.
Rest assured the other half is on its way! The bases of the lamps are hand made in California and the shades are made on the East Coast. They ship the same day from their respective locations, but may arrive a day or two apart, depending which part of the country you live.

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