9 Facts About QLOCKTWO

Jun 30th 2021

QLOCKTWO is an award-winning designer of high-quality timepieces that seamlessly blend function and art. The company was founded in Schwäbisch Gmünd on the simple idea of displaying time in words. These are nine facts you should know about this innovative company and its products.

Nine Facts About QLOCKTWO

At their core, QLOCKTWO products are clocks. Their main function is to tell time. However, these products are also works of art. The company behind this unique blend of form and function has a history as interesting as its products.

1. QLOCKTWO Started as a Friendship

Two friends by the name of Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk started the art project that would eventually become the basis for QLOCKTWO in 1989. They initially founded an agency for communication and design while continuing to artistically explore the concepts of time and existence. They would go on to manufacture the first QLOCKTWO, which was presented to the public in Stuttgart, in 2009.

2. QLOCKTWO Products Are Crafted by Hand

All of the company's art objects are built by hand in their Schwäbisch Gmünd location utilizing raw materials from regional suppliers. This helps them fulfill their company mission of strengthening their home city and its surrounding area. The company headquarters, studio, joinery, manufactory and Torhaus, the first retail location, are all located within the city. The passion of the employees who handcraft every object helps maintain their high quality and provides a unique experience for customers.

3. Every QLOCKTWO Object Receives a Thorough Quality Inspection and Is Packed by Hand

Employees perform an intensive quality check on the cover of each object. They examine each letter by hand, feeling for smooth edges and checking for perfect illumination. The process is slow and emphasizes precision and attention to detail. Once the object passes the inspection, an employee carefully packs it by hand in sustainable packaging. The product is then sent directly to the shipping department.

4. QLOCKTWO Manufactured the World's Largest Word Clock

The world's largest word clock, known as the QLOCKTWO 520 GAMUNDIA, was installed at the University for Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2013. It measures 5.2 by 5.2 meters and weighs five tons. The front plate is constructed from Corten steel and features 110 illuminated letters that were cut using high-precision laser technology. A weatherproof spotlight is used for each letter.

5. QLOCKTWO Is One of the 300 Most Important Design Companies in Germany

The company's products were designated as objects of applied art in 2019. QLOCKTWO products have won more than 30 international design awards including the iF Product Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and the ADC Europe's Gold Award. QLOCKTWO was granted admission to the German Design Council, making it one of the 300 most important companies of its industry in the country. The German Design Council is considered Germany's leading authority on brands and designs. Their goal is to promote awareness and provide design support to companies.

6. There Are Multiple QLOCKTWO Products for a Variety of Purposes

Though the basic design is the same, the QLOCKTWO product line comes in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. The CLASSIC is a 45 by 45 cm clock that mounts on the wall or can be set up on a free-standing acrylic base. The TOUCH is a compact table clock measuring 13.5 by 13.5 cm. The LARGE is similar to the CLASSIC but bigger. It measures 90 by 90 cm and makes for an excellent statement piece in any room.

The 180 is even bigger at 180 by 180 cm and works well as the focal point for a large room. Finally, the WATCH brings the beauty and functionality of the QLOCKTWO to your wrist. It comes in 35 by 35 mm and 39 by 39 mm sizes. Additionally, many of these models can be ordered as a CREATOR'S EDITION that features an elaborate craft production process and individual numbering. Each CREATOR'S EDITION piece is unique.

7. QLOCKTWO Products Are Functional Art

As clocks, these products serve a practical purpose, but they are also unique objects of art. The QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION RUST is rusted by hand to ensure that no two clocks are the same. A large version of this model is currently displayed as part of the clock collection at the Landesmuseum Württem- berg museum. Additionally, the QLOCKTWO 180 Silver & Gold will be shown in the "Winners Exhibition" in the red dot design museum in Essen.

8. Sustainability Is a Core QLOCKTWO Principle

All of the company's products are crafted and packaged with sustainably sourced materials. QLOCKTWO takes great care to enhance, rather than take away from the community's nature, region and environment. While its slogan is, "It's always now," the company keeps future generations in mind at all times. It considers sustainability to be a perpetual and timeless attitude, rather than a trend.

QLOCKTWO products are produced locally in the company's own workshop and sourced from the surrounding area. It values working with local artists. As a means of enhancing the community, it reactivates and manages local orchards that have been in decline.

9. QLOCKTWO Clocks Are Packed With Features

These clocks are designed to be works of art but are also packed with features. The word clocks can display in more than 20 languages. Sensors are used to automatically adjust the illumination for ambient light conditions which make the clocks easier to read at night. The user can also adjust the illumination manually. Customers can activate a seconds mode which causes the clock to display the seconds in large numbers on the front. The time can be set using either the FLASHSETTER feature or manually. The words displayed on the clock change every five minutes and are designed to be easy to read.

The Giving Tree Gallery is proud to offer a large selection of these unique and beautiful timepieces. To find out more about how you can enhance your home with a QLOCKTWO timepiece, call us at 941.388.7754 or contact us online.

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