Bullet Journaling: what it is and why you need it

Jul 26th 2019

Life. Is. BUSY.

Most of us are always buzzing about - tackling the never ending to do list, trying to be a better human, remembering to stop and enjoy life - all while barreling through obstacles that stand in the way of all of it. There is, quite simply, not enough time to do all of this well, without a little (or a lot) of planning.  

Instead of always feeling stressed and overwhelmed, one way to combat this conundrum is through bullet journaling. This simple act of putting your thoughts in pretty piles on paper, does several things simultaneously: gets all those thoughts out there - taking the first steps towards realizing your intent; documents the fact they were there in the first place (ah ha! that WAS a good idea); unburdens your overworked brain by offloading them onto the pages; and provides an opportunity for a creative outlet.  (A creative outlet is really good for your brain and overall well being and something many of us put way at the bottom of the list.)  As you can see, this exercise of bullet journaling is really and truly a worthy endeavor - killing many birds with one- ehem- bullet.  It can help relieve  your stress, ease your mind and help you be more productive.

What It Is

Bullet journaling is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It is a powerful tool that helps people of all ages and in all stages of life to become more organized and mindful of their days. Whether you have an embossed, Italian or cloth journal, the notes can help keep your mind on track and focused throughout the day.

There are different parts to the bullet journal, each with its own purpose. The index lays out the information you can find in the rest of the journal. The monthly log allows you to plan out what is going to happen during the current month, while the future log allows you to plan things in advance. Lastly, the daily log is something you do every day.  Track habits, meal plan, log must-watch movies, list birthdays you don't want to miss, drill down home improvement tasks, even romanticize about trips you want to take - and tuck it all away in one leather journal!

How To Use It

By far, the most popular part of an engraved bullet journal is the daily log. The manner in which these logs are written is called rapid logging, which is a simpler version of traditional notes. Some things that are normally included on these logs include the following:

  • Notes
  • Events
  • Tasks

Each bullet can be marked in a different way, such as a dash for notes, an open circle for events and a bullet for tasks. You can nest these together and color-code them to make them easier to read and beautiful to look at. You can also add signifiers to establish the significance of a bullet, such as an asterisk for something important.

Start Your Bullet Journal Today

Whether you want to organize your thoughts, plan out your day, exercise a creative outlet or just try to be a better human, a bullet journal can help. Shop Giving Tree Gallery to find the handmade and vintage journals you need to start your bullet journal.