Creative Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Feb 21st 2019

Gift-giving can be a highly stressful experience when you’re shopping for someone who seems to have it all. You never want to give a present that just sits in a closet for years. Let this gift guide inspire you the next time you have to buy for that friend who is particularly difficult to shop for.

• The gift of shopping

Do you know where to shop but not what to buy? Give them a gift card to their favorite store, restaurant or online retailer. If you want to try something outside the box, invite them shopping instead and cover the bill for whatever it is they want most. This way you’ll also be spending some quality time together.

• A getaway

If your friend or loved one has been especially stressed lately, then a weekend away may be the perfect present. Perhaps the most expensive of our gift ideas, this can be a wonderful way to celebrate a big occasion. Because a vacation is difficult to wrap, consider giving a travel-themed gift that explains the destination. Then they’ll still have something to unwrap on the big day.

• Home decor

Have you noticed an empty wall or table at your friend’s home that could use some pizazz? Maybe your friend’s bookcase is missing some shelf accessories to accent their library, or perhaps a dark corner could benefit from a nice lamp. Think about their personal style and select a sculpture or piece of art that they’ll love.

• Books or journals

If you and your friend both like reading, buy a new book for the two of you to read together. If they’re not as big on reading, a journal could be the most long-lasting of all ideas in our gift guide. Some journals are even themed with daily questions or prompts to help get the juices flowing.

• Monthly subscriptions

It used to be only magazines that had subscriptions. These days everything seems to have one, from books to nail polish to freshly cooked meals. Determine something your friend enjoys but has little time to shop for. You can pay for the first several months as a gift, or even pick up the tab for a couple of years if it’s not too expensive.

• Jewelry

A stunning piece of jewelry can be a sweet way to express your appreciation for someone’s love and friendship. Maybe you go simple with a sparkly pair of earrings, or perhaps buy a necklace or bracelet with a meaningful quote etched in. Regardless of how elaborate you take it, your friend will always think of you when they wear it.

• Experiences

Sign up for a crafting or cooking class for the two of you or find an experience that seems right up their alley. Unique gifts like these can lead to new interests that you end up sharing together.

Hopefully the ideas in this gift guide will help you the next time someone’s birthday rolls around. Don’t let shopping for someone stress you out! It should be a fun experience that leads to a fantastic gift.