Don’t Buy Just Any Lamp — Buy Kinzig Lamps

Aug 10th 2021

Do you want to upgrade the lighting in your home or provide a friend with a unique gift? Kinzig lamps are not like other lamps. They are handcrafted painstakingly in the U.S. by two highly skilled sisters-in-law. Each piece is unique and made from durable, beautiful materials that are meant to last for generations.

Why Lamps Make Great Gifts

It can be hard to find the right gift for someone who already has everything they need and want. Instead of purchasing a boring gift card or shoving some cash in an envelope and calling it good, why not get a gift that is unexpected, useful and beautiful? Lamps are some of the best home décor items you can give. They aren’t too heavy and bulky to effectively gift to someone else, and they can add functionality, style and visual interest to any room.

When it comes to offering lamps as gifts, though, not just any fixture will do. You need a lamp that makes a statement, that will last longer than a couple of years, and that shows your style prowess. When you choose a Kinzig lamp by Kinzig Design, you know each lamp is artfully designed and manufactured to make a statement. You’ll also find that every Kinzig lamp is made with the finest components.

Many lights don’t have a reputation for durability, and you’ve probably owned at least one lamp that you were afraid to touch because it was so fragile. You don’t have to worry about fragility when you gift a friend with a sturdy, attractive Kinzig lamp.

Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Lamps

Though a high-quality lamp is bound to cost more than most of its low-quality counterparts, the increased initial cost pays off in the long run. A quality lamp is intended to last. In the case of Kinzig lamps, the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship are so high that you can pass the lamp down through your posterity for generations. Every Kinzig lamp has the potential to become a beloved family heirloom.

Another benefit of this brand of lamp is that it is made in America, which means every purchase helps to boost the economy. When you buy a Kinzig lamp, you can rest assured that you’re helping support skilled American designers who provide important jobs to others.

Finally, when you invest in a quality lamp, you don’t need to worry about it breaking down or needing to be replaced within the next few years. Most cheap lighting options aren’t designed to last very long, which means you may save money on them up front, but you’ll likely spend more money over time when you have to repair or replace them every few years.

Best Holidays for Giving Lamps

There’s no single “right” occasion for gifting a lamp to someone you love. Here are some holidays and events that are naturally conducive to giving lamps:

  • Weddings
  • Housewarming parties
  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Diwali

Because you can find Kinzig lamp varieties in so many different styles, sizes and colors, you should have no problem finding the ideal lamp for your friend, family member or even yourself! What’s even better is that the recipient of your gift will be overjoyed to receive such a valuable and thoughtful keepsake.

Features That Make Kinzig Lamps Unique

The first time you lay eyes on a Kinzig lamp, you’ll immediately fall in love. Each lamp is created with great care and attention to detail. The goal of Kinzig Design is to create lamps that illuminate rooms in unique and brilliant ways. From regal floor lamps to alluring table lamps, there are so many different designs from which you can choose. You’ll find yourself wondering if you’re looking at lighting options or works of art.

The true test of a quality lamp is whether it demands attention even when it’s turned off. There’s no doubt that Kinzig lamps have a stately presence and become the focal point of any room either lit up or dark.

Some sub-par lamps are designed with beautiful shades but boring bases, but not so with the Kinzig brand. Every part of a Kinzig lamp is a masterful work of art. Many of the bases are made from gorgeous blown glass in various colors and shapes. The silk fabric shades come with striking colors, intricate designs and unique features. You can also find shades in a variety of unique and charming shapes. Everything about these lamps exudes luxury and timeless appeal.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Lamp

There are a variety of lamp options available from which you can choose, including floor lamps, pendant lamps and table lamps. How can you decide which type you should buy for yourself or a friend? Here are a few tips to consider before you buy:

  • If you’re going to give the lamp to a friend, you probably don’t want to buy a floor lamp because it will be too bulky to easily hand over. A table lamp, on the other hand, is the perfect gift for someone you care about and is much easier to manage.
  • If you’re buying for yourself, consider where you plan to put the lamp. If you have a dark corner of the room that needs some lighting, a floor lamp will do the job nicely. If you don’t have room for a floor lamp, a table lamp can fit into much smaller areas and provide the same brightening effect.
  • Perhaps you’re remodeling your home and looking for overhead lighting options for a dining room or kitchen. In this case, pendant lighting may be exactly what you need.

No matter what type of lamp you end up purchasing, make sure it matches the overall color palette and décor style of your home before finalizing the transaction.

Find the Perfect Lamp for Your Home or Loved One

Are you ready to buy a lamp you can proudly give away or pass down to your posterity? Browse through our collection of Kinzig lamps to find the right fit, or contact us to learn more about these beautiful lighting products.

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