How To Decorate Using Houston Llew Spiritiles

May 24th 2021

When you create beautiful home décor, it is often the simple elegance of a few striking art pieces that draw the eye. Our collection of Houston Llew Spiritiles offers an exquisite combination of artistry, wisdom and levity. Llew perfected a form of vitreous enameling that fuses a metal base with vibrant glass colors that are fired in a kiln to form tiles.

These handmade crafts have rich visual textures, and they tell a story. The tiles combine stunning images rimmed with quotes that speak to the special times in our lives. Spiritiles are great decorative pieces that make a perfect focal point for any room. Here are some reasons to add these tiles to your home design features.

Create a Positive Setting

Spiritiles exude positive and uplifting sentiments. Houston Llew crafts each piece to resonate emotionally with his audience. Whether it’s a reading nook, a cozy coffee corner, a family gathering room or an entryway, these tiles create a unique sensibility that lights up a home. These are works that spark conversations and serve as reminders of special moments. Llew’s pieces are equally iconic and distinctive. You sense the greater themes and the particular feelings these tiles evoke.

This is true of the exclusive Sunbirds of Paradise piece, featuring stunning red sunbirds paired with this Voltaire quote: “Wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where I am.” When viewing this tile in your home, friends and family will appreciate the eloquent metaphor that paradise is a place within us all.

Showcase Original Designs

A wonderful way to make a room stand out is to feature original works of art. We are drawn to pieces that capture the eye and have something to say. When you enter a room and see the gorgeous colors and heartfelt message on a spiritile, you are uplifted and carried away from the ordinary. These tiles make a room uniquely your own. They emphasize universality and allow people a glimpse of your thoughts about the joys of life.

The great part is you can share these tiles with family and friends. They are inspiring gifts that are deeply meaningful and lasting.

Make an Art Wall

Art walls are a beautiful addition to any home. A blank wall acts as your personal canvas where you arrange a variety of pieces to infuse art and ideas. Use our templates to create a stunning mosaic of spiritile art. These useful tools help you arrange your gallery with the perfect symmetry needed for any space.

If you want an elegant collection for your home or to give as a gift, consider our Houston Llew New Orleans Spiritile Group. This is a wonderful starter collection or a feature set for avid collectors. These tiles are a stroll through The Big Easy. The colors and quotes usher you right into the sights and sounds of the French Quarter.

A Gallery of Inspiration

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