How to Wear Long Necklaces

Posted by Giving Tree Gallery | Dec 18th 2019

Long necklaces can be daunting if you’re not used to them, but we promise they’re not as difficult as they may appear. They are extremely versatile additions to any closet that can really pull a look together whether simple, statement, or chunky.


Why only go with one?! Layering long necklaces of different styles, length, and thickness is a great way to add dimension and interest to an otherwise simple look. Two or three (or more if you’re feeling brave) long necklaces over a plain t-shirt with jeans is a great way to take your look from simple to stylish! Think too of layering necklaces that are themselves composed of mixed materials like the Skalator Necklace. If you’re not confident picking the pieces to layer, consider the Uno de 50 Wish Necklace that is composed of two strands giving the appearance of layering.

DO: Layer pieces over high necked clothing in colder weather to create dimension and playfulness. Colder months often lead people to forget the joys of jewelry as accessories in favor of scarves or hats. But once you’re inside and the scarf is off, your neckline is begging for some jazzing up! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean outfits have to be boring! A couple of necklaces over a turtleneck or collared shirt is a winning look.

DON’T: Try to keep a theme in mind when you’re layering, don’t just choose your four favorite necklaces and toss them on. While we’re sure they’re all beautiful, it’s important to consider pieces that work together and are from the same general style family. For instance your theater costume jewelry may not be a good mix with your leather choker!


Long necklaces with a chunky pendant or bright stones are another great way to add pizzazz to an otherwise simple look, or to create a more dressy appearance. Something like our Virgin Saints and Angels Rosaries, or Uno de 50’s beautiful Dragonfly or Love At First Sight Necklace are perfect accompaniments to most any outfit. Be sure to match the statement piece to your outfit carefully, for instance you’ll want to keep your clothing colors simple if you’re going for a colorful statement necklace or vice versa.

DO: Use your statement necklace as a lone supporting color in your outfit, or to call attention to another supporting color you’re already donning. For instance, if you are wearing an orange blouse and jeans, try to choose a statement piece that highlights the blue in the same hue as the denim, as opposed to something orange that will blend in to your shirt.

DON’T: Statement necklaces may not be the correct choice for if you are considering a loud print. Prints are generally themselves considered to be the statement and adding a bold necklace would do little to enhance a busy print, it would more likely get lost or appear heavy. Try to keep your statement necklaces for solid colored pieces (multi-textured pieces are also great, so long as it’s all the same color) or those with very simple patterns, like plain stripes.


Lariats are perfect for elegantly drawing attention to the neckline. Often fine and delicate, they add a touch of class and luxury to your look without being too overdone. Like most long necklaces, lariats can easily be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Their subtlety is their strength, it’s just enough to draw the eye without overtaking an outfit. Meira T’s Diamond Bezel Lariat is a perfect option for dressing up, while the mixed material Uno de 50 Dripping Necklace would be great with a casual v-neck and jeans.

DO: Lariats can be daunting to people because of the deep hanging pendant (it’s funny what we find scary) but they are incredibly versatile and can and should be worn with v-necks, turtlenecks, and a variety of dresses. They are the most seductive of the long necklace family and are the perfect way to accentuate your décolletage without being too obvious or lascivious. If you’re heading out for the evening and want to class up your look without going to the same pearl necklace, go lariat!

DON’T: Lariats are not the most effective necklace for use on buttoned shirts, crop tops or cropped sweatshirts. Buttons are themselves a distraction from the hanging charm of a lariat and any shirt that leaves your stomach open is not going to give your lariat it’s time to shine. If your stomach is bare, opt instead for a simple body or belly chain. Unless, of course, you are wearing something high waisted on the bottom with your cropped item, then a lariat will probably work. The point is to highlight length and the high waist balances the cropped top to create the lengthened silhouette that can in turn be accentuated by the lariat! Make sense?!


Why not try wrapping your long necklace to create a choker, bracelet, or anklet? Throw the rules out, there’s no reason you can’t take your favorite long necklace and use it to bring just as much drama to the wrist as it does to the neckline! This Freida Rothman design is the perfect choice, or any of the beautiful wrap offerings by Virgins Saints and Angels.

DO: Use this option to help up-styling a casual outfit, adding a little interest to something simple. Wraps are great for more simple outfits because they generally take up more real estate than a simple strand necklace, and thus more effectively grab attention.

DON’T: Exercise some caution with more delicate, heirloom, or expensive pieces to make sure that you don’t strain the links or clasps. We’d hate for you to break something special in pursuit of the perfect wrap! Also exercise some caution with repeating this trend on more than one body part at a time! Wraps are great and interesting when they are utilized sparingly, perhaps not so great (or interesting for the wrong reasons) when they’re on the neck, wrist, and ankle at the same time!

One final note we’d like to add is on lanyards. Lanyards are mostly ugly and boring. A lot of people have to have ID’s clearly visible in their workplace, but so long as your office doesn’t require the specific use of a lanyard, why not clip it to the end of a snazzy long necklace? You could change it out each day to match your outfit, it is definitely more interesting and stylish than a lanyard, and it offers you the chance to have a little fun with something that can often be the opposite!

We certainly hope this helped take the fear out of long necklaces and hopefully gave you a few fun ideas. Go forth and confidently don the long necklace, friends!