Kinetic Sculpture FAQ's

Oct 11th 2020

Kinetic sculpture is a unique subset of sculpture and artwork hailing from the later 20th Century. What sets it apart from its static counterparts is the literal movement created by various different springs, motors, bands, and any number of other creative mechanisms. These artworks are beautiful and intricate, they effortlessly pique curiosity, and so we wanted to take a moment to go over some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive about them, including what to expect when you receive your piece, how to install it, and how to care for it over time. 

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What parts come with it?

The few parts that are needed to hang the sculpture are included: 4 mounting screws and 2 drywall anchors.  A tiny level is provided as well, to help you hang it evenly.

What do I need to hang it?

Most everything you need to install the sculpture is provided. The only tool you’ll need is a LONG Phillips screwdriver. If you do not have a LONG Phillips screwdriver, you WILL NOT be able to hang the sculpture.

How do I hang it?

Instructions are included with the sculpture and can also be found HERE. Follow them closely, as they are simple, yet specific and detailed. Be sure to use the provided level, as not using it will affect running time. 

How do I get it to work?

First, check to make sure the front end cap to make sure it is not loose before spinning the sculpture. It should be “finger-tight”.

Next, wind it up! Turn both wheels clockwise until you see the RED TAPE on the spring. Release both wheels at the same time. If winding with your finger, be careful to turn slowly so as to not injure your finger. For ease of winding, you may use a pencil or similar object.

Why is my sculpture stopping before the spring unwinds?

Revisit the instructions that are included with the package to check that you have installed the sculpture properly.    

Review instructions below.  Common errors include: installing the sculpture upside-down or sideways - make sure the sculpture is right side up, with the white spring housing located in the bottom right corner, as seen in the diagram here; and not using a level to install - even a quarter inch will affect running time.  

How loud is it?

Appropriately so - no more, no less. The sound is subtle, a rhythmic click with an occasional rasp when it catches on the release and relaunches. Whatever sounds present happen in conjunction with the movement, and together, it’s quite mesmerizing! Our best testament is from our customers - who rarely object to the sound that emits. Those that do, expected a noiseless sculpture.

How do I care for it?

Dust with a feather duster and use a damp cloth as needed. It is finished with Tung Oil, so no other sealant or protection is needed. 

Misplaced the instructions for INFLOWING and LABRYINTH?

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