Kinzig Design Lamps - The Story Behind

Jun 29th 2023

Susan Kinzig had already established herself as a renowned and esteemed jewelry designer on a national level when her sister-in-law, Caryn Kinzig, made a significant career shift from the world of successful investments to join forces with Susan and embark on a captivating journey into the realm of  lamp design.

In the year 1987, Susan founded Kinzig Design, an artistic venture that took root in the vibrant city of San Francisco. As a self-taught jeweler, Susan's indomitable spirit and talent enabled her to sustain herself as an artist from a tender age. Following a fruitful seven-year stint in the field of graphic design, Susan embarked on a transformative artistic sabbatical, spanning the distance between San Francisco and Philadelphia. What initially began as a mere six-week endeavor evolved into an awe-inspiring six-month period when Caryn, with her unwavering support, persuaded Susan to unveil her newly refined creations to local establishments. In some instances, Caryn's encouragement was so fervent that she resorted to physically guiding Susan through the doorways. Presently, collectors eagerly seek Susan's jewelry, and her masterpieces grace the shelves of galleries, boutiques, and even museum gift shops.

Caryn's own upbringing was steeped in an enchanting ambiance of artistry and an innate appreciation for meticulously handcrafted objects. The familial abode resonated with breathtaking artworks procured by her parents, sourced from various corners of the globe and discovered during their visits to East Coast exhibitions. Fond memories of accompanying her parents to these exhibitions, where original creations and extraordinary pieces captivated her imagination, still linger within Caryn's mind. Continuously evolving her personal style and artistic vision, Caryn traverses the globe in search of design inspiration, exquisite fabrics, and materials that seamlessly blend into the breathtaking  table lamps and floor lamps she brings to life.

In the year 2002, Caryn decided to bid farewell to the corporate world, contemplating a future in a domain closely tied to shades. It was during this pivotal moment that she and Susan realized their shared ambition to craft lamps together. Within a remarkably short span of time, they joined forces and established  Kinzig Design Home.

Their extraordinary odyssey commenced with a visit to the illustrious Bowery, the renowned lighting district nestled within the heart of New York City. Timidly approaching several suppliers of lamp components, Susan and Caryn humbly requested guidance on the intricate mechanics of constructing a lamp. "Initially met with curious gazes, the gentlemen displayed boundless patience as we navigated the learning process," Susan reminisces. "To express our gratitude, we bestowed upon them a box of cannolis, asserting, 'One day, you shall take pride in knowing us.' And so it came to pass. We maintain a lasting relationship with them, faithfully procuring parts from their esteemed establishment."

Ever since that fortuitous encounter, Susan and Caryn have been collaboratively shaping their lamp designs. Susan works in close conjunction with skilled glass artists, meticulously crafting the lamp bases within the sanctum of her San Francisco studio. Meanwhile, Caryn embarks on a global quest, unearthing embroidered silk fabrics and employing her adept sewing skills to fashion the captivating lamp shades in Philadelphia. Today, these visionary partners have triumphantly positioned their lamps in premier galleries, home accent stores, and esteemed design showrooms across every corner of the nation.

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