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Sep 14th 2020

Houston Llew Retired Spiritiles Explained

Once discovery of Spiritiles is made, it is a compelling world to emerse oneself in. Throught with positivity, endearing sentiments, and humanity at its finest, you be enchanted purusing all of the

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Aug 20th 2020

Kinetic Sculpture: Art That Moves You

You have countless options when it comes to home decor, sculpture and artwork to add some flair to your house, but today we are here to make the case for something wonderfully unique: kinetic sculptur

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Aug 14th 2020

How to Determine Ring Size

When you are shopping for rings online it becomes incredibly important that you know your own ring size, or at least have an accurate method of figuring it out at home. Similarly, if you are shoppi

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Jul 27th 2020

Staycation: What it is & How to do it

Vacationing in the United States looks much different for most of us this summer. World travel restrictions are tight for Americans and there are even quarantine and travel restrictions between indivi

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Jul 19th 2020

Decorating with 3D Wood Maps

As you may have noticed, it is important to us here at the Giving Tree Gallery that we provide you with beautiful pieces that really last. That extends beyond jewelry pieces or useful accessories, we

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