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Jul 1st 2024

Houston Llew Retired Spiritiles Explained

Discovering Spiritiles can be quite an experience.  Like a magnetic pull, their intrigue draws you in visually, mentally, and emotionally.  As you take in all of the positive, nostalgic i

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May 9th 2024

Zodiac Necklaces: What, Why, and How - A Comprehensive Guide

Zodiac Necklaces: What, Why, and How - A Comprehensive GuideZodiac signs are a part of astrology, a belief system that suggests that the positions of celestial bodies at the time of our birth influenc

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Apr 14th 2024

​Harnessing Nature's Rhythms: A Guide to Tide Clocks

In a world where time is often measured in minutes and seconds, there's something rather captivating about a timepiece that follows the ancient rhythm of the tides. Tide clocks offer a unique blend

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Nov 8th 2023

12 Days of Giving 2023

Our 9th annual 12 Days of Giving is just a few weeks away! This very special giveaway is one of our favorite times of the year, and we know you all appreciate it too. This year's prizes are better tha

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Oct 18th 2023

Zodiac Necklaces: What They Mean & Why You Should Wear Them

Zodiac jewelry is a trendy and personalized group of accessories that have gained popularity in the fashion world. It combines the symbolism of astrology with the beauty of jewelry design to create un

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