7 Great Gift Ideas for Teachers

May 10th 2019

Most all of us can look back on our lives and pick out a teacher or two who truly inspired us.

(Hopefully more, but most of us can recall at least one.)  Someone who may have broadened our horizons, challenged us to do better, reach higher and maybe it was someone who simply believed in us. As graduation season approaches, we are quick to take the time to appreciate the achievements of our children (as we should), but let’s not forget to celebrate the people who helped to guide them along the way: our teachers. This list will help you find the perfect way to show your appreciation for the educators in your life.

Idea #1: A Personal Touch

There are few things more precious than receiving a note of gratitude that says exactly how someone has touched your life, or the life of a loved one. In the case of teachers, they have dedicated their lives to the education of others, to nurturing young minds, inspiring generation after generation. Who could be more deserving of an appreciative card or letter than them? 

Idea #2: Something To Sip

Is there a problem that a little booze can’t solve?  Yes, plenty - but a long day spent in a classroom isn’t one of them!  A nice bottle of wine, or a 6 pack of good beer, or a gift card to the local liquor store, is a gesture of appreciation and of common purpose; you share a desire for your child to succeed, a belief that hard work should not go unnoticed, and that you deserve a good treat once in a while! 

Idea #3: An Extra Shot

School starts early and most teachers spend a great deal of time after hours taking care of their classrooms, preparing lesson plans, and grading papers. That means late nights and early mornings, making caffeine a near necessity. A gift card to a local coffee house or a specialty bag of beans just might be the perfect gift. 

Idea #4: Thoughtful Treasure

Perhaps you want to spoil a special teacher with a necklace that speaks to their real purpose, like our ‘Teachers’ necklace? Or maybe a Spiritile is the way to go, providing a daily reminder of your gratitude, or that the work teachers do is filled with meaning beyond the simple day-to-day? Whatever you choose, something unique and significant is always a good go-to, and our specialty.

Idea #5: Pampering

Taking time out for wellness is important, especially for those giving so much of themselves to their work, so why not give the gift of being pampered? Whether it’s a gift card for a massage, a manicure and pedicure, or even a great facial, a good spa day is an excellent present for a dedicated teacher.

Idea #6: Paint the Town

If you know that your child’s teacher likes to see live music, go to the theater, or is a fan of a specific sports team, then consider tickets to one of those events - it is sure to be something they will really enjoy and remember, and is an uncommon way to show your appreciation.

Idear #7: Something For All

Most teachers spend money out of their own pockets to help supply and decorate their classrooms. Simply asking what they need and how you can help is a great start to letting them know you support them and will enrich the experience of your child, their classmates, and future students. There are excellent teacher subscription boxes available that provide new goodies monthly for both teachers and students.