The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Uno de 50 Jewelry

Jul 3rd 2020

Cleaning your UNO de 50 jewelry is easier than you think! We often field this question when chatting with our UNO de 50 customers. It may seem like a daunting task, but fortunately, it is not.  (In fact, quite the opposite - it's quick and satisfying!)  We've created this handy guide to help you restore your favorite UNO de 50 bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces and get them looking as good as new.  (Shown left is the classic wide cuff Ibiza bracelet in silver and gold and the popular Not to Be bracelet in silver and gold and the Pearl of Wisdom Ring.)

First, a consideration:  How much time do you have?  If you're in a rush, heading out the door, or just don't have the patience to give your piece too much attention, we strongly recommend the following:


Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes

Keep  Connoisseur Jewelry Wipes on hand to clean your UNO de 50 jewelry.  Conveniently packaged, in a small compact case, these dry disposable wipes do the trick in seconds flat.  A gentle rub on all the silver or gold will wipe the grime away and restore the lost luster. They're non-toxic and safe and effective on most sterling silver jewelry pieces. 

They're truly a lifesaver! Get 2 packages here, along with a $20 gift certificate towards your next purchase with us!

If you do have some time to commit to throughly cleaning your UNO de 50 jewelry, or want to educate yourself on a future rainy day project, continue reading.


A Beautiful Mind Bracelet

SILVER - Cleaning silver UNO de 50, like the Lady Marmalade bracelet seen here, can be done using a silver buffing cloth, or just a soft cloth and a silver cleaner. If you don’t have a specific silver cleaner that you trust, then you can create a simple solution of mild soap and warm water and gently buff your piece with a soft toothbrush or soft low pile towel such as a microfiber cloth or similar. If you go this route then be sure to dry your piece completely and then either hang to make sure it completely dries out or set on a soft towel for an hour or so. Once you are confident the piece is clean and dry, store it appropriately (see below for storage tips) to prevent the telltale darkening that can happen with sterling silver.

Snowflake Bracelet Gold

GOLD - Cleaning gold UNO de 50 should be done regularly, especially if you wear it often. UNO de 50 recommends that you clean these pieces weekly with a soft cotton cloth for regular maintenance. In the event that the piece is really dingy then you can follow the same instructions as above with the mild soap and soft towel. As always, be sure that any time you use water or soaps on your pieces that you make sure there is no residue left and you dry them completely. Shown right is the best selling gold version of the Snowflake bracelet - see the silver version here.

MULTIPLE MATERIALS  For the pieces that contain the following elements in addition to Silver or Gold:

Leather - Mild soap or a leather moisturizer for the leather parts of your UNO de 50. Make sure that it is a simple leather moisturizer without extra scents or dyes that can change the color of the leather.

Resins - If your piece has resin beads then you can use the same soft cloth on these to clean them off. Try to keep them as dry as possible!

Aurora Borealis Bracelet

Stones & Crystals - Using the same soft, damp cloth is appropriate here. You could also use a lightly damped q-tip to get around the edges of settings. Make sure they are completely clean of residue and dry before storing.


You may have heard this from us before, as we’re a little preachy about it, but the best possible way to care for your pieces and keep things clean is to take care of them while you are wearing them. That means avoiding getting them wet, avoiding soaps, lotions, perfumes and cosmetics, and absolutely avoiding treated water. (Please take off your jewelry before you go swimming!) That doesn't mean that you can’t wear your makeup or spritz on your favorite scent, just take a moment to make sure that it dries completely before you put on your jewels and clean them off before you store them.

Another very important step you can take to care for your jewelry and keep it sparkling is to make sure that you are storing it properly. Yep, metals dull even just sitting out in the air! Here’s a simple tip for storage: Store them as they were delivered! Keeping things in their original packaging after wearing is perfect for keeping them safe, organized, and clean. If it doesn’t come in something you are comfortable using then the best alternative is to keep them in a jewelry pouch, roll or a box of its own. It really is important to keep things out of direct light, air, and high humidity as all of these things contribute to their deterioration.

That about covers it! If you have other pieces that you want to make sure you are taking care of appropriately, be sure to check out our Fashion and Fine Jewelry cleaning blogs that can help simplify things and walk you through the process.