Why You Need a QLOCKTWO Clock

Jul 14th 2021

Who says telling time has to be boring? You can make it the highlight of your day with a unique and easy-to-read  QLOCKTWO clock. In addition to adding a sense of novelty to your home or office building, a QLOCKTWO clock also makes an exceptional gift for family members, professional colleagues and friends. Here are some of the top reasons why you need one of these unique and charming clocks.

Unique Styling

If you like to fill your home or office with unique décor, you’ll love the novelty of a QLOCKTWO clock. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be a clock at all. Guests will likely assume it’s an interesting piece of art until they give it a closer look.

A QLOCKTWO clock is different from other clocks because it actually tells the time in words. For example, you’ll read “IT IS HALF PAST TEN” on the clock when it’s 10:30. The words on the unique clock change frequently, in five-minute increments. So, you’ll never know when it’s 10:32. However, this degree of hyper-accuracy is rarely necessary, and most people have no issues with the five-minute increments shown on the QLOCKTWO clock.

Anyone who likes to break the ice by filling their living and working spaces with conversation pieces will love the unique design and time-telling style of the Qlocktwo clock.

Multiple Language Options

When you buy a QLOCKTWO clock, you have the option of choosing between various languages. Currently, the following language customizations are available:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian

The front cover of the clock contains the language of choice, so you’ll just need to switch out the cover if you want to customize your language.

Color Customization

The front plate of the QLOCKTWO clock comes in different colors, including:

  • Black Ice Tea Acrylic
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Blue Candy Acrylic
  • Rust Corroded Raw Steel
  • Earl Grey Tea Acrylic
  • Cherry Cake Acrylic 
  • Lime Juice Acrylic
  • Vanilla Sugar Acrylic

There’s also a 24K Gold Leaf option and a Silver and Gold option for the Creator’s Edition Gold Wall Clock. The front plate is held firmly in place by magnets, which allow for the easy removal and exchange of front plates. So if you get tired of one color or want to have a lime green front plate for St. Patrick’s Day, you can easily switch out the plates without any special tools.

Attractive Table/Desktop Alarm Clock Options

In addition to eye-catching wall clocks, QLOCKTWO also makes table/desktop alarm clock products. Designed with a sturdy base to keep it from falling over, the table/desktop clocks come with multiple front-plate cover options, just like the wall clocks. The dimensions are 5.31” x 5.31” x .67”, so they are small enough to fit on practically any desk space. Having a desk clock within view throughout the day may help you keep on task and meet your deadlines more consistently.

Find the Perfect QLOCKTWO Clock

Whether you like the look of a small desk clock or a large wall clock, QLOCKTWO has a product that’s perfect for your preferences. Refer to QLOCKTWO to find charming and unique clocks as well as wristwatches that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. These products make great gifts and are perfect for the person who already seems to have it all.

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